How to fix Google AdSense “unable to process your request at this time” error


If you’re here, then you probably received the following error when you try to access a Google AdSense page:

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to process your request at this time. Our engineers have been notified of this problem and will work to resolve it.

In screenshot form, the error is the only thing you see on the page:


Let’s diagnose the issue

diagnose the issue

When I first saw it, I was a little puzzled. First of all, I trusted and the engineers at Google really looked into it, but it’s been hours and I’ve still seen the problem.

I know Google has a lot of engineering resources and I probably shouldn’t have faced a more hours outage, so I started to think that the problem was more on my part. I was right.

First of all, I saw that my site with Google AdSense was loading ads sporadically. At first, I thought this was just part of the blackout that AdSense seemed to have, but then I put two and two together: something needs to be blocking them and maybe that’s preventing the AdSense page itself from do not charge. ad blocker on my browser, but I had already disabled it. It was very strange and I was about to give up. However, I later realized that in addition to the Google issue, it must have been something on my computer - after all, I checked my phone and AdSense loaded correctly as well as the ads on my website.

The solution


Basically, I went through all the extensions I had installed on my browser and saw that I had recently installed one that, among other things, blocked ads!

Although the main ad blocker that I was used to in the browser was deactivated, another one was installed that also blocked ads.

So basically, if you’re seeing this issue, take a look at all of your extensions, and maximum probable it’s an advert blocker that’s inflicting this issue.

It became an awesome lesson to me to make certain I apprehend all of the matters an extension does due to the fact it can cause sudden consequences. After all, had I depended on that mistakes message that a group of engineers became running at the issue, I can also additionally have in no way been capable of getting admission to the AdSense page.


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